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Pulchra Morte

First single from our forthcoming album, featuring a b-side cover of Paradise Lost's "The Painless", exclusive to this release. 7" vinyl available in three limited edition color variants.

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Pulchra Morte (ˈpul.kʰra / ˈmɔr.te) began with an idea - to re-capture a feeling that has become increasingly scarce in the dense landscape of extreme music today.

Started by Clayton Gore and Jason Barron of St. Louis staple Harkonin with Jeffrey Breden, the trio began writing songs with the intention of capturing the weight and atmosphere of greats from the late '80's-early '90’s doom-laden death metal scene. A point where feeling superseded technicality. During this process, Clayton reached out to long-time friend and co-creator producer/engineer Jarrett Pritchard (1349, Goatwhore, Wolvhammer, Gruesome, Exhumed, etc.), the two of them still enjoying a 30-year friendship and collaboration from the days of the seminal death metal band, Tampa, Florida’s own Eulogy. Joining forces, the band completed the recording of their debut album at Pritchard's New Constellation Studios in Orlando, Florida, with Pritchard taking over the bass and auxiliary guitar duties as well as producing and engineering the album. The album also features Heather Dykstra, who was a Eulogy co-conspirator (backing vocals on the band's now legendary The Essence EP) as well as cellist Naarah Strokosch. It includes backing vocals by Tor Stavernes, better known as Seidman of 1349 and Svart Lotus. Upon creation of the album, the band released a single lyric video for a rough mix of the song "Soulstench" while the rest was being mixed between tours by Pritchard. Full rehearsals were scheduled in Chicago, and Dylan Kilgore of Withered was recruited to play bass while Pritchard moved to guitar. Band intact, the rehearsals yielded excellent results, and from these sessions a proper video for the first single "Soulstench" was recorded. In its wake, while dealing with the business of releasing the full length, it was decided that a limited edition 7" would be released of "Soulstench" with a beautiful tribute to the mighty Paradise Lost, covering the classic song "The Painless" from the band's Gothic LP. The band is currently wrapping up a deal for the full length release early 2019 and booking select dates while already hard at work on the next album.

The idea remains the same - feeling, atmosphere, songwriting, and weight with unabashed creativity. We are in an excellent spot. We have the ability to create and record as often as we like and will do exactly that.

"Monumental doom! Like a glacier slowly crushing your soul."

-- David Horn, D.O.A. Magazine


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