Divina Autem Et Aniles cover

Divina Autem Et Aniles

Pulchra Morte

Debut full-length album, issued in cooperation with Ceremonial Records. Release date Feb 1, 2019. Preorders available now. Tracklisting:

  • Give No More
  • Black Ritual
  • Soulstench
  • Ignis Et Tempestas
  • Fire And Storm
  • Thrown To The Wolves
  • Reflection Of A Drowning Sun
  • Shadows From The Cross
  • IX
  • When Legends Die

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Soulstench cover


Pulchra Morte

First single from our forthcoming album, featuring a b-side cover of Paradise Lost's "The Painless", exclusive to this release. 7" vinyl available in three limited edition color variants.

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Pulchra Morte (ˈpul.kʰra / ˈmɔr.te) began with the idea to re-capture a feeling that has become increasingly scarce in the dense landscape of extreme music today - formation of songs containing weight, atmosphere and feeling.

Started by Clayton Gore and Jason Barron (formerly of St. Louis staple Harkonin) with Jeffrey Breden in 2017, the trio began writing songs with the intention of recapturing the purpose of greats from the late-‘80s through early-‘90s doom-laden death metal scene, a point where feeling superseded technicality. During this process, Clayton reached out to long-time friend and co-creator, producer/engineer Jarrett Pritchard (1349, Goatwhore, Wolvhammer, Gruesome, Exhumed, etc.), the two of them enjoying a 30-year friendship and collaboration from the days of the seminal death metal band Eulogy (Tampa, FL). Joining forces, the band completed the recording of their debut album at Pritchard's New Constellation Studios in Orlando, Florida, with Pritchard taking on bass and auxiliary guitar duties as well as producing and engineering the album. It also features the vocal talents of Heather Dykstra, who was another Eulogy co-conspirator (her backing vocals featured on the band's now legendary The Essence EP), as well as cellist Naarah Strokosch. The album includes backing vocals by Tor Stavenes, better known as Seidemann of 1349 and Svart Lotus. Upon completion of the album, the band immediately released a lyric video for a rough mix of the song "Soulstench" while the rest was being mixed by Pritchard between tours. Full rehearsals took place in Chicago over the summer of 2018, with Dylan Kilgore of Withered being recruited to play bass while Pritchard moved to full-time guitar. Band intact, the rehearsals yielded excellent results, and from these sessions a proper video for the first single "Soulstench" was produced. In its wake, while dealing with the business of releasing the full-length, it was decided that a limited edition 7" would be issued of "Soulstench" with a beautiful tribute to the mighty Paradise Lost, covering the classic song "The Painless" from the band's Gothic LP, as an exclusive B-side. The band has wrapped up a deal for the full-length's release in early 2019 and booking select dates while already hard at work on the follow-up album.

The idea remains the same - feeling, atmosphere, songwriting, and weight with unabashed creativity above all else. We are in an excellent spot. We have the ability to create and record as often as we like, and will do exactly that.

The debut album, entitled "Divina Autem Et Aniles", carries the listener back to an era where heaviness and darkness were king. Lyrically speaking, it mostly relates the feelings and experiences of vocalist Jason Barron:
"Going through an extremely dark time in my personal life, it seemed very fitting when it came to writing lyrics - being a ’90s-style doom/death metal band, and Pulchra Morte meaning 'beautiful death' - that I had the perfect dark cloud for proper inspiration. Severe depression, madness, relationships, complete and total loss - all the formulæ for life itself. Tasting a small portion of bliss and having it taken away forever. The song ‘Thrown To The Wolves’ is a perfect example - two individuals in love, yet finding it impossible to be together, both of them suffering from heartbreak die of depression and loneliness from being apart. ‘Give No More’ was the first song I wrote for Pulchra Morte - an individual suffering from major disease, depression and utter madness, composing his own epitaph, completely accepting his failure and giving up, happily ending his life. The album is filled with stories of embracing death and the end, and also the new beginnings that death brings."

Pritchard adds:
"I think overall, with the the progression of each record there will be a moving concept and story. This record is essentially the story of some very dark times for Jason, to which we can all relate. As we move forward, the subject matter will broaden, not only with darkness but in ways, certain levels of empowerment. Perhaps the change, the shift, where a person goes from being the pawn to the hand. Not by ignoring it, but by embracing what is. We are all interested in a vast number of topics that are applied in everyday life, ranging from Hermetic philosophy to Crowley and Austin Spare. Writings by everyone from Israel Regardie to Terence McKenna.  Traversing dimensional barriers. Hallucinogenic communication. Ritual Magick. Conspiracy - the duality of damming a thing publicly and taking its technology and torture tactics to build a war machine - applying those tactics to people. The thing is, the world is a dark place. There are no shortage of such topics to reflect on all around us. The media strobe light that is moving blindingly fast to sculpt every decision in daily life - there is darkness even when it wears a happy face. There is constant journey through the darkness, but in there is a choice to take the universe into your own hands and to dictate your own place and existence. A lot of that philosophy has to do with determining what is without looking for validation. I think that is the key to life and plays a part in all of this. Don’t get me wrong - of course I want people to enjoy the music and to come to see us, but this whole thing is satisfying to us first. Having played for as long as we all have, collectively - we are creating music we want to listen to."

The band is planning a number of appearances throughout 2019 in support of "Divina Autem Et Aniles", which will be released on Ceremonial Records and is available for licensing in various territories. It will be available directly from thiss website, bandcamp site, and from your favorite distribution networks.

"New doom/death shining lights."

-- Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine


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